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The therapist is a fellow traveler, but onSusan Blake Jungian Therapist San Antonioe who maintains a degree of objectivity necessary to engage the more subtle nuances of the Soul which manifests itself differently in each one of us.  The therapist provides a safe, confidential, and supportive environment in which one is able to look bravely at his or role in in his or her life. The psychotherapeutic relationship is unique, unlike any other relationship we may have in our lives.  We come to counseling to work with a trained professional who is sensitive to the ways in which our symptoms may be trying to communicate with us. The depths of depression, the constant worry of anxiety, the compulsion to drink or gamble or clean or count, the obsessive thought that gnaws at our waking consciousness—these are signs that the psyche is out of balance.  We experience a painful awareness of their negative effects on our daily functioning and relationships, but feel powerless to stop them, confused and bewildered as to their causes. I am a Jungian therapist in San Antonio. My office is at 4057 Broadway in the Boardwalk Center in the Alamo Heights area.