I received my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I was trained in the traditions of Freudian and Jungian depth psychology, as well as in the later innovations of seminal thinkers in this continuously evolving field.  My approach to psychotherapy honors the close relationship between conscious and unconscious mind (psyche) and body (soma) states.

My therapeutic stance in the “depth psychotherapy” model is to explore with you the effects of the unconscious on your inter-personal relationships and in the unfolding of your daily life. We will work together to help you understand your difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  From what hidden or not-so-hiddenInside Motion Vortex parts of the psyche do they originate (“old scripts”, family of origin issues, repressed trauma, nature vs. nurture, etc.)?  How might you most effectively deal with them (insight, resolution, coping, adaptation, sublimation, etc.)?  What purpose might they serve (how do my “symptoms”, dreams, conflicts tell me what is missing in my life and in what direction might they be pointing me)?  In a safe and supportive setting, we will explore all of these questions; with deeper understanding of ourselves comes the possibility for change.

In addition to working with couples and individuals, I have experience in conducting psycho-educational groups and workshops on varied topics, including Women and Self-Esteem, Active Imagination, and Dream Tending.